Bayview Medical Clinic – Fibromyalgia Clinic

Welcome to Bayview Medical Clinic. Bayview Medical Clinic is dedicated to the care and management of fibromyalgia syndrome. Our staff is focused on a multidisciplinary, integrative approach to treatment. We create a personalized comprehensive treatment plan for each patient including:

  • Improving restorative sleep
  • Identifying and treating all behavioral health diagnoses
  • Treating pain with Trigger Point Injections
  • Using osteopathic manipulation to help balance the nervous system
  • Identifying and eliminating food sensitivities
  • Improving physical conditioning while balancing appropriate activity pacing
  • Medication management with the goal to optimize sleep and improve fatigue,
    cognitive function, mood, pain level and ultimately improve a general sense of

Once the optimal regimen has been determined, we maintain an ongoing relationship with our patients.

We are located in Tacoma. To schedule an appointment select one of the buttons above that indicate if you are a new patient, referring provider, or an existing patient.